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box.jpg (12108 Byte)All modern parents are facing the same challenge when it comes to their children's computer use:

On the one hand, parents want to make sure that their children are using the computer and thereby learn to take advantage of this important tool of their future. On the other hand, responsible parents want to protect their children from the dangers that come with the computer exposure of their children.

Every parent knows that, once kids are using the computer, it's hard to get them away from it. Therefore limiting computer time is one important issue. Another issue are the dangers of the software and the content the young people can come in contact with.

TimeWatcher is a tool which can help parents to deal with these issues:

  • TimeWatcher lets you control how long your children can use the computer. You can define a period of computer time which you want to allow them per day or week.
  • TimeWatcher makes it possible to block certain programs which you do not want your children to use. 
  • TimeWatcher lets you enforce certain restrictions on your computer, so it is protected from unintentional changes to its configuration.

TimeWatcher was originally developed to control the computer use in Internet cafes. While we were selling it very successfully to these businesses, we also got a lot of orders from parents, who found it very useful to control the computer access of their children. That was when we decided to develop a special family version of TimeWatcher, which offers the security of the business version enhanced with educational features.

TimeWatcher was awarded with the highest number of stars at zdnets hotfiles, one of the biggest shareware Websites in the Web

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